Four sisters of a certain age and an alphabet.  Taking every letter in turn, from A to Z, we chose a topic and each wrote a poem, or sometimes two. We started with Age and went all the way through the alphabet to Zodiac. Result: the publication of our book, Sibling Rhymery.

Each month or so we will publish one of our poems from our book, starting at the beginning of the alphabet. We hope that you will join us by sending us poems on the same topic.

The current topic is Kleptomania



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New Topic : Jumble ; New poem : Jonathan Hobbs



Our new topic is Kleptomania, and the featured poem is Marian’s It began as a need

And already we have a contribution from Jonathan Hobbs, who expresses difficulty with the composition but manages it anyway. See Kleptomaniac


And that’s not all…..see our Current topic page for another quiz from Harry Wells – Stolen Lines